Traditionally roofing has been done using steel, and clay tiles. Both clay and steel have their own benefits to the roofing work. Innovation and technology have now brought a new age of roofing. According to Texas Showcase Roofing, Combination of the benefits of clay tiles and the steel sheets. Decra stone coated steel has revolutionized the roofing tiles industry. Now builders have more options for roofing tiles. The stone coated steel is simply a steel that is strongly coated with stone elements. These roofing tiles offer the following benefits to the builders.

  • Lightweight

As compared to other roofing tiles, Decra roofing tiles are lighter. They only weigh 1.5 pounds per foot square. The tiles are light which reduces the overall weight of your roof. The need to have more timber or roofing metal is reduced. This is because no much weight to be supported by either the timber or the metals. The less weight also eliminates the inconveniences and the cost caused by the damages caused by excessive weight. Other roofing tiles weigh up to 10 pounds per square feet.

  • High Performance with Climatic Conditions due to Interlocking Design

The interlocking design of the stone coated steel makes it favorable for different environmental conditions. The interlocking offers a resistance to snow, fast driving rain, and wind pressures. The tiles are fastened horizontally. This prevents the problems associated with wind uplift. The tiles cannot “pull out” or blown off by strong winds. The interlocking and the fastening ability of these tiles make them withstand up to 8.8 inches of rainfall and a wind pressure of above 120 MPH. This is the best solution for roofing houses in all area with extreme weather conditions. Whether its snow, high rainfall amounts or strong winds these roofing tiles will keep your house protected.

  • Durability

The tiles are made of Aluminum-Zinc coated steel base. This is the best coating for the roofing tiles. It ensures that the tiles do not cup, break, split, warp or curl. The tiles remain in their original shape which increases their durability. The tiles are also not combustible. They cannot support fire. They are known for resisting fire from your home. These roofing tiles do not absorb moisture which makes them best for humid areas. Decra roofing stone coated tiles will last for more years as compared to the other steel roofing sheets.

  • Attractive and Distinctive Appearance

The stone coating gives a natural look on your roof. They provide natural sound resistant and weathering qualities. The stone coating also resists fading of the roof color. The steel performs well without any paint on it. The Decra roofing stones give the roof its color. Over many years the stone coating will give you roof the same look as it was new.

Decra roofing stone coated steels give amazing advantages to the roofing. Though they are associated with a high cost of buying them, their performance is on the highest point. The overall cost of roofing, however, is reduced. This is especially when you factor in long-term maintenance of the roof.